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Why Are Your Gums Bleeding

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Brandon Cooley
Why Are Your Gums BleedingGum bleeding can be treated and prevented with basic dental hygiene. The problem of gum bleeding is common and benign. After brushing or flossing, one can see any blood, which could aggravate sensitive gums. The most common causes of gum bleeding are plaque and tartar buildup. These components encourage the growth of microorganisms along the gum border. Maintaining good dental hygiene might help you avoid sensitivity and bleeding. Pink tissue that surrounds the mouth that is inflamed or irritated has gums that bleed easily.

Gum Bleeding

Gum bleeding is a common dental health problem. Even though you can ignore bleeding gums while brushing or flossing, bleeding gums can occasionally be an indication of a deeper problem. Periodic gum bleeding might be brought on by painful dentures or overly rigorous teeth brushing. Persistent gum bleeding may be a sign of periodontitis and other more severe conditions.

Treatment for Gum Bleeding

As it would anywhere else on the body, using a fresh, damp piece of gauze to the incision right away can help stop bleeding. The gauze should continue to receive mild pressure until the blood stops flowing. Gum bleeding may last a long time in those with weakened immune systems or other medical disorders. The body's inflammatory response to oral bacteria can be reduced by the natural antioxidant catechin present in green tea.

Antibacterial mouthwash can be used to cure and prevent gum bleeding. By removing bacteria and reducing swelling, they relieve sore, swollen, and bleeding gums. Gingivitis, a major cause of bleeding gums, is treatable and avoided with mouthwash. Applying a turmeric paste to the gums may also help to minimize the symptoms of gingivitis and bleeding gums. Call us today to talk to a dentist about the best way to stop gum bleeding.

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