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How Bad Is Sugar for Your Child's Baby Teeth?

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Brandon Cooley
How Bad Is Sugar for Your Child's Baby Teeth?Children love to take high amounts of sugary foods and drinks, which can expose them to dental cavities and decay. Therefore, as a parent, you must take control of how much sugar your child consumes in a day and ensure they clean their mouth to avoid oral issues. Cutting excessive amounts of sugar will help your child maintain good oral hygiene. It will also ensure their permanent teeth develop well and last for a lifetime.

How Does Sugar Impact Baby Teeth?

Harmful bacteria in your baby's mouth are always waiting to feed on sugar so that they can survive. When these bacteria feed on sugar, they produce acid that can weaken your child's teeth' enamel. When this happens, the enamel forms pores, allowing bacteria to enter and attack your teeth, forming decay and cavities. If this progresses, it can damage the whole teeth, leading to chewing problems.

How Do I Protect My Young one's Teeth From Cavities

Since children cannot avoid sugary foods, it is important to be strict with the amount of sugar your child consumes. Also, ensure they brush and floss their teeth after taking sugar. This will help eliminate the acidic bacteria that will weaken their teeth' enamel. You can also substitute sugary foods and drinks with fruits, smoothies, and other healthy snacks. It is also crucial to watch your children brush their teeth and help them where they do not know how to do it well. Sometimes it is wise to do it with them to teach them the importance of brushing and flossing every day.

Water is also vital for the health of your child's teeth. After every meal, ensure that your child has drunk at least one cup of water. It will help remove tiny particles of food from their teeth. Lastly, take your child for dental checkups. The dentist will check if cavities are forming on your child's teeth and fix them immediately. You are welcome to have your child's teeth examined at our dental clinic. Our pediatric dentist will provide the best treatments if your child has any teeth damages.

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