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What Can Cause Tooth Pain In Children?

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Weo Admin
Dentist and child learn how to brush teethAs parents, it's tough to see your child in discomfort, especially when tooth pain is involved. There are several reasons why tooth pain can strike in children, each with its own set of triggers. Below are some common culprits behind tooth pain and what you can do about them:

Tooth Eruption

The process of baby teeth making way for permanent teeth can sometimes cause discomfort. As new teeth emerge, they push through the gums, which can lead to soreness and mild pain. This is a natural part of growing up, but you can offer your child some relief with gentle gum massages and appropriate pain relief methods recommended by your dentist.

Loose Teeth

As kids reach the age where their baby teeth start to wiggle, they might experience some discomfort. This is particularly true when the tooth is on the verge of falling out. Encourage wiggling but avoid excessive twisting or pulling to prevent additional pain.


Certain foods and drinks can trigger tooth sensitivity or pain. Cold or hot temperatures, sugary treats, and acidic foods can all play a role. If your child complains about tooth pain after consuming specific items, it might be a good idea to limit their intake.

Tooth Decay

Cavities don't discriminate by age, and they can certainly cause tooth pain in children. If your child's tooth pain is persistent and accompanied by other signs like visible cavities, it's time to visit the dentist for a thorough check-up and potential treatment.

Aggressive Brushing

While proper brushing is vital, aggressive, or improper brushing techniques can lead to gum irritation and even tooth sensitivity. Teach your child the right way to brush gently yet effectively. Call our office today to know what could cause tooth pain in children.

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