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How can you Help Make your Dental Visit Better?

Posted on 5/25/2015 by Brandon Cooley

A woman sitting in a dentist chair smiling because she's enjoying her dental visit.Making your twice annual dental appointment is not the only task you have when it comes to ensuring that your oral health is in optimal condition; you have many other options available to you to ensure that your appointment goes as smoothly as possible. At our office, we want you to know that we will work together with you as a team.

When we work together, we can ensure that everyone is on the same page and that all of your oral health concerns are addressed.

Talk to Us about your Concerns
We always encourage our patients to talk to us about what is going on. If you are worried that you will be too nervous to remember everything, make a list of your questions and/or concerns. We will always make time to ensure that everything is covered. You never know when your question or concern could result in new findings or in a way to better help your oral health. Your questions could pertain to the way your teeth or gums feel/look or even be about certain habits that you have that you would like to quit in order to better your oral health - the sky is the limit!

Tell us about your Dental Habits

Just as was discussed above, we need to know about your habits. Do not be embarrassed to tell us that you smoke or that you do not floss - we need to know what we are up against when we treat your oral health. For example, if we notice excessive plaque and find out that you are a smoker, it will make sense and we can provide the best treatment and advice to help you moving forward. We are not here to judge you, so do not hide any of your habits - tell us the truth!

Talk about your Family History
Your family history plays a vital role in your oral health care too. If we know that gum disease runs in your family or a close family member has had oral cancer, we will know what to keep a watchful eye out for you. This is not to say that we do not look at these risks for every patient, but when there is a family history, we know to be on high alert. We can also provide you with some helpful tips to prevent you from suffering from these diseases. In some cases, more frequent cleanings or exams are required or a change in habit is recommended in order to ensure optimal oral health.

Keep your Dental Appointments

We know that everyone today is busy, but you should never be too busy for your regular dental checkups. If you avoid coming in for your appointments, you could be stuck having much lengthier appointments and more invasive procedures done in the future. Try to make your appointment at a time when you know you will be available. For example, if your work is seasonally busy, do not schedule your appointment during that time, choose a different time of year when you know you are going to be less stressed and less likely to cancel your appointment!

We are here to work with you, but we depend on you to keep up your part of the teamwork. When we work together, you can achieve optimal oral health that lasts for many years to come. Life is too short to take risks - do not leave your oral health to chance; make your appointment and come in prepared so that we can enhance your oral health today!

If you are ready for your regular checkup and cleaning, please call us today!

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