Can Troubles at Home Lead to Dental Health Problems?

Posted on 1/20/2016 by Brandon Cooley
A woman undergoing a dental exam.There are a lot of factors that can affect your oral health, but did you realize that family discord is one of them? A recent study has shown that when there is trouble brewing on the home front, both parents and children have a higher risk of developing dental health problems.

A study was recently completed by New York University to examine how households where verbal aggression or violence were common affected dental health.

Unfortunately, aggression is quite common in U.S. families, and as of a 2005 study it was determined that 90% of families experienced couple aggression, parent-child aggression, or both.

For this study, researchers analyzed 135 couples and their children, who were elementary school-aged.

Oral exams were conducted to look for missing or decayed teeth along with fillings, and parents completed questionnaires regarding the level of aggression between partners and between parents and children.

The results of this study found that in families with above average aggression at home, women had an additional 3.5 cavities while men had an additional 5.3 cavities. Children, on the other hand, had an average of nearly two additional cavities for every increase in their mother's aggression level toward her partner.

It is difficult to say what the exact connection is between dental health problems and trouble at home. Researchers suggest that when families are bombarded by personal troubles they may be less likely to focus on their health. Additionally, constant stress may cause people to neglect their diets, choosing sugary foods instead of healthy options.

Dentists are here to help, and they can intervene in a variety of ways if health problems are noticed as a result of troubles at home. Your dentist can provide you with dental hygiene tips as well as guidance on how to eat a healthier diet.

You should also consider your dentist to be a trusted medical professional, so please contact us if you need any help.
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