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Best Medicine to Use For a Toothache

Posted on 10/10/2017 by Brandon Cooley
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Many people experience a toothache from time to time. Maybe you bite down on something the right way. You could be brushing or flossing too hard. Whatever the reason, this is not a fun time.

We want to make sure you don't have any interruption to your day by way of pain or discomfort going on. We have as a few suggestions for you to make your toothache go away. The sooner you feel better the better. Here are some medicines you can use that are over the counter.

Over the Counter Medicine You Can Use For a Toothache

We must first stress to you that it is always important to follow directions on the packaging. Know what your allergies are and don't use anything you may have had an issue with in the past.

You should start by staying away from foods or drinks that are extremely hot or cold. You will probably want to do that anyway. You can use ice on the outside of your mouth to try to get swelling down, but stay away from heat. If you have a sensitivity to hot in cold in general, you may want to consider changing your toothpaste to one the is steered towards sensitivity.

It is best to get direction from your dentist on what they think will work best for you as far as medication. It is ok to use acetaminophen or Tylenol. You can use an anti-inflammatory such as Advil or Motrin. Finally, Naproxen, such as Aleve or Naprosyn. All of these should help get your toothache under control, but it's important to follow dosing instructions and not to switch back and forth.

If for any reason your toothache gets worse over the next couple days you will want to give us a call and get in as soon as possible. If you are treating a child under the age of two we recommend you consult with us first, because some medication might just be too much for our little ones. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

You may just need to change out your toothbrush for a soft bristle brush and ease up a little while brushing. This is common with children while they're still learning how to brush correctly. Please remember to brush at least twice a day and floss once a day to make sure you're getting everything clean, and stop in and see us every six months for cleanings and exams by your dentist. We look forward to seeing you and your beautiful smile.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (425) 216-3367 today.

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