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Can Dentures Help Restore Your Confidence?

Posted on 3/10/2018 by Brandon Cooley
Dentures Cooley Smiles WA 98028-4839Loss of teeth can largely affect self-image and confidence. In a world of social media and advertisements where face value is essential in everyday life, losing teeth can be very devastating.

Although having a complete set of teeth is not a measure of you as a person, but in reality, there are people who will judge you, depending on how you look. You may experience rejection because of looking different and having an unsightly smile. Unfortunately, poor confidence due to tooth loss, if not addressed, can lead to depression and social isolation.

Improve Quality of Life with Dentures

Without your teeth, it will be difficult to eat or chew food. A soft diet is going to be your means of nourishment for a while. Conversing and speaking will be different. The gums and jaw bones are also affected. It can also cause cheek muscles to sag, making you look older than your age. Luckily, dentures can restore your smile and improve your self-confidence.

Dentures are inexpensive and practical means of replacing your lost teeth. It is very easy to have new dentures made. It is specially tailored to the structure of your gums and jaw so it will fit in naturally. It may be quite uncomfortable the first time, but you will get used to it as you wear it every day. You can also have it adjusted if you feel uncomfortable with the fitting.

In the placement of dentures, there is a need to wait for a few months for the gums to shape before permanent dentures are made. To avoid embarrassment, temporary dentures can be made to replace lost teeth for a while. Once the gums are totally healed, permanent dentures are made.

We like to assist you in regaining your confidence, and experience a happy life. We can help you have your smile back. Call us now or schedule an appointment.

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