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3 Reasons you Want to Avoid Chewing on ice Cubes

Posted on 4/20/2018 by Brandon Cooley
Chewing on ice Cooley Smiles WA 98028-4839Chewing on ice (pagophagia) often starts off innocently enough. You may simply chew on a few ice cubes that are left over at the end of your drink. Before you know it though, you could be grabbing ice cubes out of your freezer simply to chew on them.

3 Reasons Chewing on ice Cubes is bad for Your Smile

There are three reasons why chewing on ice cubes is bad for your smile. The first is that you're cracking tooth enamel. This can result in microfractures. When this happens, your tooth might actually break. You may even need a root canal.

Secondly, you're at the risk of developing cavities and tooth sensitivity. If you already have fillings and crowns, you could cause problems with them. You could even make your jaw muscles sore. When any of these things happen, your teeth will become extremely sensitive to hot and cold drinks and foods.

Thirdly, chewing on ice could cause a gum infection. This is because ice can be sharp. If you encounter such a piece of ice, you'll puncture your gums causing some really serious issues. For this reason, you'll want to chew on, some sugar-free gum instead.

Doing so isn't only gentler on your teeth, but it will also keep your breath smelling fresh. If you need something hard to chew on, you should consider snacking on carrots or apple chunks. Most people find that this is a great way to satisfy their need to crunch down on ice without damaging their teeth.

When you've been chewing on ice for a while now, you may have unknowingly developed one of these problems. It's a good idea to come into our office and find out how your teeth are doing. We look forward to seeing you for a dental checkup soon!

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