What You Drink Can Cause Bad Breath

Posted on 8/20/2018 by Brandon Cooley
What You Drink Can Cause Bad BreathIt's common knowledge that food like garlic and onions make your breath smell horrible. What isn't such common knowledge is that beverages can do the same thing. There are some beverages you really need to watch out for.


Millions of people can't live without their daily cup of "Joe" each morning. This leads to "coffee breath," a common side effect that's typically tolerated just so you can get your "caffeine high." Coffee has this effect because it dries out your mouth, creating a great environment for bacterium to grow in. The best way to deal with this is by drinking some water with your coffee.


Any type of alcohol can make your breath smell bad. It's known to dry out your mouth, causing bacteria to grow. Of course, the smell of certain liquors also doesn't help.


Although milk is good for your skin and bones, it can cause you to have bad breath because it contains an excessive amount of hydrogen sulfide. This can leave your breath smelling sour and foul.

Orange Juice and Soda

Orange juice and soda are some of the most acidic beverages you can drink today. They have the potential to erode your teeth and dry out your mouth. This is especially true of colas.

The Bottom Line
The one thing all these drinks have in common is that they dry up your mouth, causing bad breath. You can combat this by pairing your drink with a glass of water. This helps because it's hydrating, non-acidic, and refreshing. Of course, good oral hygiene also keeps your breath continually smelling fresh too.

Behind your bad breath, regardless of which of these drinks you're enjoying, also lies bacteria. The only real way to get rid of these bacteria is through good oral hygiene.

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