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Are You at Risk of Diver's Mouth?

Posted on 4/20/2019 by Brandon Cooley
Are You at Risk of Diver's Mouth?Do you love scuba diving? If you do, you need to know about diver's mouth and the risks it presents. This issue can lead to tooth pain, gum problems, and pain in the joints of your jaw.

While these issues are avoidable if you understand what diver's mouth is, many people who dive have never heard of these issues. That's why it's important to know if you're at risk of diver's mouth before you start this fun hobby.

What Causes Diver's Mouth?

When you purchased your scuba equipment, you probably didn't give much thought to the mouthpiece. However, this little device is at the bottom of the diver's mouth. Most people actually buy mouthpieces that are too small for their mouths. Then they bite down too hard on these mouthpieces and clench their jaws during their entire dives. This results in pain in the jaw and can even cause lacerations on the gums. If your teeth are already damaged, they may even crack or become loose.

The Pain Comes Later
Most people don't realize how much pain they're causing their jaw and mouth during the dive. Many are distracted by the amazing undersea world they're immersed in. Later, however, they will start to feel the pain. If this pain continues for several days, it's time to come see us. You may have a TMJ disorder that needs to be addressed, or you may have damaged your teeth or gums in some way.

How Can You Lower Your Risk of Diver's Mouth?

The biggest way to protect yourself from diver's mouth is to avoid buying a basic mouthpiece for your scuba gear. Instead, invest in a customized mouthpiece that was created from a mold of your mouth. Studies have found that these custom mouthpieces much more comfortable and do not require as much effort to keep in place. They also won't cut your gums.

If you're suffering from diver's mouth, book an appointment with us today to make certain that ill-fitting mouthpiece hasn't caused any lasting damage.

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