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Should You Eat Seaweed or Take Pills Instead to Boost Your Oral Health?

Posted on 5/20/2019 by Brandon Cooley
Should You Eat Seaweed or Take Pills Instead to Boost Your Oral Health?If you spend any time at the beach, you've probably dealt with your share of seaweed. Stepping on it when wading in a lake or ocean can be an unpleasant experience, as the plant is squishy and slimy. What many people don't know is that seaweed can benefit their oral health when eaten or taken in a pill supplement form.

Oral Health Benefits of Seaweed

Seaweed is good for the teeth for one big reason – an enzyme known as Bacillus licheniformis. This enzyme works to protect against tooth decay by stripping bacteria away from plaque. When bacteria levels are minimized in your mouth, there will be fewer available to cause gum disease, tooth decay, and a host of other dental health issues. When plaque is reduced, hard tartar levels also decrease, which will further protect your teeth.

Seaweed vs. Supplements

While seafood can easily be incorporated into your diet, taking a supplement might be a better option. This goes against the norm that eating a vegetable or fruit straight from the source is a healthier option. Seaweed contains high amounts of iodine, and too much could be problematic for people suffering from thyroid disorders. In fact, high iodine levels can suppress thyroid function and lead to goiters, but a good seaweed supplement will ensure iodine levels are controlled.

If you don't know much about seaweed, choosing a supplement is also a good option. Not all seaweed is good for you, and while it may be edible, some can cause illness. Seaweed supplements offer all the benefits of consuming seaweed without the risk to your health.

Are you ready to add a supplement to your diet to improve your oral health? Do you have questions about what you should and shouldn't eat for a healthy mouth? Call us today to set up your evaluation.

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