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Can Swimming or Diving Harm Your Oral Health?

Posted on 10/20/2019 by Brandon Cooley
Can Swimming or Diving Harm Your Oral Health?With your oral health, there are always new areas to be educated about so you don't end up in the dentist chair unexpectedly. Going to your local pool or diving in the ocean isn't any different. There are some things to look for after time spent getting wet. Below are some areas to know of as you enjoy the water.

What is Swimmers Calculus?

Swimming pools have chlorine put it to ensure they decontaminate it against bacteria and other surprises that can end up in a public pool. When chlorine is added to water, it creates a weak form of acid. As this is deposited on your teeth, it begins to form a form of plaque or what dentists call calculus. The plaque formed from chlorinated swimming pools is called swimmer's calculus. Swimmers calculus is a brown or yellow stain that begins on your teeth. Usually the front teeth. If you or your children speed more than 6 hours per week at the local pool, monitor your teeth. If you see any signs of it starting, call our office to schedule teeth cleaning.

What is Barodontalgia?

If you have ever dived deep into the bottom of a pool to pick something up, you probably felt the pressure grow in your ears as you went further down. Barodontalgia is when small air bubbles under a filled tooth's fillings are compressed and then expand as you come up for air. When the pressure changes areas of your mouth where you have had dental work can become to ache or throb.

This experience is also called, “tooth squeeze.” It's found when diving in a pool or ocean, when flying in an airplane, and sometimes even in hikers when they hike to a very elevated area. If you have experienced this, it can damage fillings and gums. Give our office a call to have the painful teeth examined. You may need a new crown or filling due to the air bubbles contracting, leaving openings for bacteria to get it.

As you enjoy the summer months, it is fun to spend time in the water. Protect your oral health by being aware of the above mentioned issues that can arise. Keep things like your retainer out of the pool water to avoid acid damaging it. Keep an eye on your teeth for signs of plaque and tartar. If you do notice signs, give our office a call. We would be happy to schedule an appointment to get them cleaned up.

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