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Best Beverages to Promote Oral Health

Posted on 11/10/2019 by Brandon Cooley
Best Beverages to Promote Oral HealthYou have probably heard other dentists talk about the beverages you would stay away from like soda and soda, but have you ever been told about the beverages that will actually help your overall oral health?

We think that by promoting the drinks that will keep your smile white and beautiful, we can help you make informed decisions when looking to pick something to quench your thirst.

You may think any drinks good for your oral health will probably be bland, but we have good news for you! There are many drinks that can promote good oral health while also being tasty. We think part of the way to keep up good oral health is to make it fun, so we will not even mention the one you probably already know is good for your oral and bodily health, water.

What Beverages Are Good Other Than Water

There are many drinks that will help you keep your oral health in tip top condition, and to find them you only need to know a little bit of science. Your mouth like to be at a certain number on the pH scale. The pH scale is a measure of how acidic or basic things are. Chemicals like bleach are very basic while things like vinegar or lemon juice are very acidic. You mouth wants to have a pH of around 6.7 which is slightly on the basic side. A drink that is really good at this is milk.

Milk has a similar pH as the saliva in your mouth, which means it can help regulate it, and it also has the added benefit of having loads of calcium which can strengthen your teeth. Another beverage that is great for oral health is unsweetened green tea. This one needs to be consumed in moderation because it can stain your teeth, but unsweetened green tea can promote oral health by promoting gum health.

There are many other types of beverages that are great for your health, and if you are looking for more, give us a call or talk to us at your next appointment. We would love to talk about other great alternatives to soda and coffee when you come in.

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