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Best Drinks to Consume on a Daily Basis for Optimal Oral Health

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Brandon Cooley
Best Drinks to Consume on a Daily Basis for Optimal Oral HealthMany drinks damage your teeth if you consume them daily, especially if you don't brush, floss, and rinse routinely. However, there are some drinks you can add to your daily diet that actually help you protect your teeth and have optimal oral health. The natural vitamins and antioxidants in these drinks can protect your teeth's enamel and reduce bacteria in your mouth.


Drinking water throughout the day increases your oral hygiene in several ways. First, when you become dehydrated, there is less saliva available in your mouth. Saliva is a natural fighter against bacteria and can neutralize any acid left on your teeth from food and drinks. Second, it is not recommended to brush your teeth immediately after eating but washing your mouth out with water after meals is a good alternative to remove the larger debris after a meal.


Milk is full of calcium, phosphorus, and casein. All three of these support and help to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Calcium and phosphorus are great for strengthening the enamel around your teeth, and can even repair damaged tooth enamel. Casein attacks tooth decay in your mouth and can also assist in protecting your enamel. Casein builds a protective film around your enamel making it harder for bacteria, debris, and plaque to reach your teeth. If you have a milk allergy, you can choose almond milk with added calcium as a substitute to receive the same benefit as cow's milk.

Green, White, or Herbal Tea

Green, white, or herbal teas are usually high in natural antioxidants which reduce inflammation in your gums. Along with antioxidants, polyphenols also fight bacteria in your mouth that could develop into cavities. When selecting a tea, be sure to avoid black tea, because this can stain your teeth over time. Also, be careful of the amount of sugar you add to your tea. The added sugar can reverse the natural benefits the tea provides in promoting your oral health. Call our office today to talk with our experts about how the drinks in your daily diet can impact your oral health.

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