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The Mystery Of The Geographic Tongue

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Brandon Cooley
The Mystery Of The Geographic TongueIf you are intrigued by the bizarre and strange, here is one thing to pique your interest: geographic tongue.

Not many people may have heard about this rare condition that causes red map-like patches on the tongue surface, surrounded by white-grayish borders. Intrigued? Head below if you want to learn more about this fascinating condition.

What Is Geographic Tongue?

Though a geographic tongue – also called benign migratory glossitis – may appear strange, but this inflammatory but harmless condition only affects the surface of your tongue. Normally, the tongue is covered with papillae (tiny pinkish-white bumps) that are fine, short, hair-like projections. However, in this condition, tongue surface patches are missing papillae and hence appear red, smooth 'islands,' usually with slightly raised borders.

A geographic tongue may seem alarming, but in reality, it's harmless and is not associated with any sort of infection or cancer. However, it can sometimes lead to discomfort and increased sensitivity to particular substances, such as salt, spices, and even sweets.

Symptoms Of Geographic Tongue

Note that several people with this condition have no symptoms. Nonetheless, some common indications of the geographic tongue may include:

•  Red, smooth, irregularly shaped (map-like) lesions on the side or top of the tongue
•  Frequent changes in the shape, size, and location of patches
•  In some cases, people may feel discomfort, burning sensation, or pain, mostly related to eating acidic or spicy foods

Geographic tongue can last for days, months, and even years. The condition usually resolves on its own, but there are high chances that it may emerge again later.

Majorly, a geographic tongue causes more embarrassment than severe physical discomfort. But with a little help from Cooley Smiles, you can keep the condition to a minimum.

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