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Fluoride Facts and Fiction

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Brandon Cooley
Fluoride Facts and FictionTeeth are brilliant biological wonders that aid our chewing, convey emotion through our smiles, and shape the way we speak. We use our teeth daily, and as such, our teeth experience wear and tear daily. In the effort to preserve health and proper hygiene, you may have heard about fluoride. What is fluoride, though, and is it bad or good? What does fluoride even do? Today we separate fact from fiction on the interesting chemical compound.

Understanding Fluoride and its Uses

Fluoride is a chemical compound. It occurs naturally but is not nearly as widely abundant as would be ideal. Fluoride is a compound of fluorine, and it combines extremely easily with other essential minerals humans need. The use of fluoride is that it is a constructive mineral for strengthening and protecting teeth from the acidic bacteria our mouth combats daily. When bacteria produce acid that breaks down the tooth, we lose essential minerals along with it. Fluoride helps to replenish those lost minerals.

Now that the purpose of fluoride is clear, it is time to debunk some common myths. Many people claim that fluoride has no place being in the water. In reality, fluoride is very common in water, but not as common as ideal. Scientists discovered the benefits of fluoride when regions with fluoride-rich water experienced less severe and frequent tooth decay. As such, we can treat water to be richer in that essential mineral.

The reality of the fears surrounding fluorine comes down to not understanding what fluorine does for the human body and for our teeth. In order to move on to healthier practices, we have to understand that an abundance of fluorine in toothpaste and our water only serves to benefit. In an unlikely case of overabundance, harmless barely visible white specks may appear on teeth, but these are merely cosmetic and harmless. If you have any questions or general curiosities regarding fluoride or dental health, feel comfortable contacting our office today.

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