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Contouring and Reshaping teeth

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Brandon Cooley
Contouring and Reshaping teethTooth reshaping is also called contouring and is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that removes a small part of enamel so that a shape can be changed, the length of teeth and surface of one or more teeth. If you have healthy food enamel them, you are a candidate for contouring and reshaping. If a large amount of enamel is removed, then the teeth become weak. The dentists will tell you if you can be suitable to undergo the contouring and reshaping procedure.

When to have contouring and reshaping procedure

It is good to contour and reshape your teeth if you have overlapping teeth, chipped or unsymmetrical teeth. If you want to remove grooves in tooth enamel, then reshaping the teeth is a good option.

The contouring and reshaping procedure

The dentists will perform dental examinations on the teeth or tooth that you wish to reshape or contour and make sure that you are healthy. Tooth contouring mainly involves removing a bit of the outer enamel of the tooth. The dentist will take an X-ray, but no anesthetic is needed during contouring and reshaping. Our dentist will make the teeth that need contouring and reshaping so that they get rid of any imperfections. A sanding instrument is used to shape the enamel and mold surface enamel. The dentist's last stage is polishing and is done with dental brushes and polishing discs This procedure takes about thirty minutes.

Benefits of contouring and reshaping teeth

Contouring and reshaping teeth is essential since it gives you the chance to get the results you want instantly. The reshaping and contouring are also inexpensive, and so it is a significant benefit for you. There is no healing process after the procedure since this is an instance non-pain procedure. Our dentist will reshape and contour your teeth, giving you instant results.

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