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Pediatric Dentistry – Facts To Consider

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Brandon Cooley
Pediatric Dentistry – Facts To ConsiderBaby's teeth start developing in the jaw before he or she is bone, but they are not visible until the baby is about six months old. Upon birth, an infant continues to grow their teeth, and by the time they are three years old, most of the primary teeth have erupted. Since baby teeth aren't permanent, they start falling a few years later. It's during that time when the adult teeth start to come in, in their mouth. Here we give you a few dental facts you need to know about taking care of a kid's oral health as well as their overall health.

Tooth Decay is Prevalent in Kids

Tooth cavity or decay is among the most common dental health conditions that occur in kids. Cavities can be harmful to the oral health and overall health of the kid. If you don't treat the disease, it can harm other teeth and lead to long-lasting bad effects on the kid's overall health as well as growth.

Tooth Decay is Preventable

Though common, cavities are preventable. Fluoride, a natural element, is able to prevent or even reverse cavities in their very early stages. When you apply fluoride over the teeth, it helps strengthen the developing teeth in children. It reinforces the enamel – the protective outermost cover. Strong, healthy enamel can resist tooth decay in a big way. That being said, it is essential you understand that fluoride does not repair cavities.

Kids Need to Start Seeing a Dentist Before they are a Year Old

Dentists and other dental professionals recommend that kids see a dentist at least when they attain their first year since birth. Often, parents wait to take their kids to a dentist, often as long as two or three years after birth. It is not advisable to wait this long. Baby teeth are essential in helping the growing child develop their speech and chew food. In addition, the health of baby teeth can affect permanent teeth. So, you need to bring the kid to our dentist early enough for an oral examination. We are happy to see the oral health of your kid remain in good shape.

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