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What Impact Does Your Sweet Tooth Have On Your Oral Health

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Brandon Cooley
What Impact Does Your Sweet Tooth Have On Your Oral HealthA sweet tooth means that you have a craving for sweet things like sweets, chocolate, candy, cakes, and cookies. You are aware that sugar is not good for your teeth because it causes cavities and satisfying a sweet tooth can be dangerous for your oral health. Our dentists will discuss with you on better ways of satisfying the sweet tooth and at the same time maintain proper oral care.

Sweet tooth and oral health

Having a sweet tooth is not bad but giving it sweet things is bad for it will cause problems to your teeth. The mouth has bacteria and if the bacteria combine with sugar and forms acid that erodes the tooth enamel causing cavities to the teeth. Having acid will make you erode the enamel and if the enamel is eroded you will get tooth decay, tooth loss and you can develop gum disease.

Cavities and Sweet tooth

The mouth bacteria combine with sugar that comes from sweets that you feed your sweet tooth. The acidic environment mainly causes danger to the tooth enamel which is eroded by acid. When the enamel is eroded it exposes the dentin which is a layer protecting the pulp. When pulp is exposed then that means that you have a dental cavity. You need to avoid feeding the sweet tooth with sugary candies and sweets. You need to maintain the sweet tooth by observing oral hygiene of flossing and brushing twice daily. Use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash to rinse the teeth. Choose sweets that are not sticky and chew sugarless gums. Ensure that you are visiting the dental office regularly without missing and this will keep you healthy at all times as you take care of the sweet tooth.

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