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Should I replace a back tooth?

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Brandon Cooley
Should I replace a back tooth?Missing teeth cases have been extensively reported globally, especially with the growing number of cavities and gum infections attributed to poor lifestyles. The detrimental effects of missing teeth include incomplete smiles, leading to low self-esteem among peers. You may wonder whether to replace your missing teeth, which occur in places where no one can see them like molars. As highlighted below, there are significant consequences of failing to replace missing back teeth.

Decreased Chewing Deficiency

While many people consider well-aligned and complete packages of their teeth just for looks, their functionality is crucial, especially during food chewing and grinding. Back teeth, molars, and premolars aid even chewing and grinding of food as they reduce excessive strains on the jaws and extra pressure on the front teeth. Therefore, when one skips replacing the missing back teeth, the remaining ones tend to wear down, chip, or even crack. You don't want to have half of your remaining teeth follow the missing ones down the grain, do you? Consider consulting our oral surgeons to book your back teeth replacement procedures.

Jawbone Deterioration

When you skip replacing your missing back teeth, you will start chewing more on the opposite side of your mouth to the affected side, which often results in applying extreme pressure on jaw joints. Consequently, this leads to stiffness and pains, leading to complications such as TMJ disorders requiring therapy or surgery.

Shifting of the Remaining Teeth

It's a normal tendency of teeth to shift towards the left gap as no teeth exist to maintain the desired shape and pressure. The remaining teeth tend to tilt and migrate towards the space triggering a domino effect. Soon enough, your mouth will be full of crooked teeth with a disgusting appearance. You don't want that to yourself, do you?

Increase of Oral Health Risks

When a missing tooth leaves a gap behind, plaques, bacteria, and food particles get trapped in them, giving rise to health-related complications such as gum diseases and cavities.

Visit our offices now and get advice on the best procedures to replace your missing back teeth. Call us now for quality services.

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