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Signs of Tooth Abscess

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Brandon Cooley
Signs of Tooth AbscessA tooth abscess is a collection of pus that can occur at different parts of your tooth. The leading cause of a tooth abscess is a bacterial infection. The condition can cause pain that, in some instances, can be pretty severe and even radiate to the ear and neck. If you don't seek treatment immediately, it can cause severe health repercussions. Some of the signs of a tooth abscess inaclude:

Throbbing Pain

A tooth abscess can cause very intense pain in the teeth. The pain in the affected teeth will be more intense when you touch or chew food. You will experience sudden pain that worsens over hours and days.

Teeth Sensitivity

You can experience sensitivity when you take either cold or hot foods. The pain is often very sudden and sharp. The collection of pus will infect different areas of your tooth and lead to sensitivity.

Foul Taste

The collection of pus can rupture and cause a foul taste. It will cause a sour, salty, or metallic taste. Although the pain will subside after the rupture of the abscess, it will leave you with a very unpleasant taste and breath.


If the tooth abscess is left untreated for weeks or months, the infection will spread to other body parts. It can cause other infections, and fever is the first sign of the spreading infection.

Swallowing Difficulties

Swelling can occur on the jaw or face. The infection will then spread to the tissues of your mouth, causing severe pain and difficulty swallowing food. You will also have problems when opening your mouth or breathing.

A tooth abscess can be prevented by brushing your teeth two times a day; when brushing and flossing, ensure you target areas between your teeth that are notorious for accumulating plaque and tartar. Also, it is essential to opt for regular dental exams to identify problems in your oral cavity early.

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