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Composite Fillings
Kenmore, WA

What Are Dental Fillings

White composite fillings, also called tooth colored fillings, are a quickly growing trend in the field of dentistry. Amalgam fillings, long considered the only option for filling cavities, are not only obvious, they are a less effective method of treating tooth decay. Composite fillings offer a safe, aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional amalgam fillings, and they are the only fillings offered by the cosmetic dentists at Cooley Smiles.

The Benefits of Composite Fillings

White composite fillings not only fill in cavities preventing future decay, they actually work to strengthen your tooth. The metals in amalgam fillings respond to temperature changes in your mouth by growing and shrinking and can therefore fall out or cause your tooth to crack.

Composite vs Amalgam Fillings

By contrast, tooth colored composite fillings are bonded to your tooth and do not expand or contract with temperature fluctuations, leading to a stronger, more durable tooth.

Metal fillings may have common allergens, making them unsafe for some patients. They may also contain mercury, prompting the American Dental Association to recommend they not be used in children or expecting and nursing mothers. White composite fillings are made from plastics. They are hypoallergenic and contain no harmful or toxic substances, making them safe for use on every member of your family.

Your Composite Fillings Procedure

Bellevue cosmetic dentists Dr. Aaron Cooley and Dr. Brandon Cooley will need to prepare the cavity to accept your filling. Using a small drill, your cavity will be expanded in order to allow sufficient room for the composite resin to be placed. After the composite is placed, a curing light is placed on your tooth to allow the filling to harden. The entire process takes about 20 minutes.

Different Filling Types

Your gum and tooth will be numbed prior to the procedure. Understanding that this is not enough to make all of our patients entirely comfortable, we also offer sedation dentistry to provide maximum comfort for patients with additional concerns or fears.

If you have cavities which need to be filled, please contact our Cooley Smiles Cosmetic Dentists today to schedule your appointment. Dr. Aaron and Brandon Cooley serve patients in the Kenmore, Seattle, and Bellevue, Washington areas.

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If you have cavities which need to be filled, please contact our Cooley Smiles Cosmetic Dentists today to schedule your appointment. Call us at (425) 216-3367.
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