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Dental Technology

Dentist reviewing a digital xray The dentists at Cooley Smiles are committed to providing you with the highest quality general and cosmetic dental treatments available. In order to accomplish this goal, we use only the latest and most advanced dental technology available.

Digital Radiography (x-rays)

We use digital x-rays in all of our exam rooms. The use of digital x-rays significantly reduces the amount of radiation you are exposed to during your intra-oral exam. Additionally, they provide the benefit of immediate diagnostic results, and can be transferred more easily to dentistry software programs to create customized treatment options.


For patients suffering from temporo­mandibular joint disorder (TMD), we offer an advanced TENS unit. A TENS unit sends electrical pulses to your jaw to stimulate the nerves and relax the muscles. When used to treat TMJ disorders, this machine allows our neuromuscular dentists to determine the appropriate alignment of your jaw while also reliving the pain associated with this condition.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is another service we offer. Lasers provide precise, clean incisions that require little to no recovery time. Our Cooley Smiles dentists regularly use soft tissue lasers for gum recontouring procedures and to treat gum disease.

Cone Beam-CT 3-D Scan

Dental cone beam (CT) is a special type of x-ray machine when regular dental x-rays are not sufficient. The technology used in a CT scan generates three dimensional (3-D) images of dental structures, soft tissues, nerve paths and bone in a single scan. These images allow for more precise treatment planning for dental implant, TMJ, and other procedures involving the soft tissue and jaw.

Our office is also equipped with a variety of technological innovations that will make your experience convenient, comfortable, and luxurious. When you come to Cooley Smiles, you can relax in one of our massage chairs while enjoying your favorite programs on TV and drinking a latte from our coffee bar. In an effort to simplify every aspect of your dental care, we send electronic reminders before your dentistry appointments giving you plenty of time to plan ahead or reschedule if necessary. All of our patient records are digital, proving ease of access for our staff and dentists.

Please contact our Kenmore cosmetic dentistry team today to schedule your initial appointment at Cooley Smiles Kenmore location. Our team also serves patients in our flagship location in Bellevue, Washington.

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The dentists at Cooley Smiles are committed to providing you with the highest quality general and cosmetic dentistry treatments available. Call us at (425) 216-3367.
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